Nina will use her office to advocate for policies that reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable communities and across the state. Her proposals include:

  • Mandatory criminal background checks on all gun sales, so we can instantly check the criminal history of a gun purchaser.

  • Ban military assault weapons and gun modifications like “bump stocks,” which effectively convert firearms into automatic weapons.

  • Prohibit those convicted of domestic violence, whether of a spouse, a non-spouse partner or other family member, from purchasing or possessing a firearm.

  • Close the terror loophole and ban gun sales to those on the terrorist watch list.

  • Recognize gun violence for what it is: a public health epidemic.

Nina has been a longtime leader in the fight to prevent gun violence. As the child of a brutal war for liberation that saw 3 million people killed by military grade weapons, Nina knows first hand what these weapons do and that is why she is committed to getting them off our streets. Nina will never take a penny from the NRA and believes deeply in common-sense reforms to prevent gun violence, such as universal criminal background checks. An overwhelming number of Americans support these reforms.

As a scientist, Nina believes in evidence-based policy-making, and the facts here are plain and simple: states with stricter gun laws have less gun violence. Pennsylvania should commit to leading the nation in reducing tragic losses from gun violence. We need statewide leaders like Nina who have no fear of special interests and are committed to the cause of reducing violence in our communities.