As an immigrant herself, Nina is passionate about justice for immigrants. After surviving a violent War of Liberation in Bangladesh (in South Asia), she came to the United States when she was twenty-one and put herself through college and graduate school. Since her arrival in our country, she has dedicated herself to serving Pennsylvania and the United States through her research, entrepreneurship, activism, and public service. She is a striking example of the benefits that immigrants bring to our country and will fight for the rights of others to have similar paths to citizenship.

Almost a million Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients face an uncertain future and the threat of possible deportation. Many of these immigrants know only this country. They succeeded in school, served in our military, and are now working as educators, conducting research, providing healthcare, and giving back to their communities. Nina will work tirelessly to ensure that these Americans are able to remain here and eventually become citizens. She knows that the legal path to entering the United States is broken, antiquated, and in desperate need of reform.

Nina believes that the detention centers at the border are a crisis and that we must advocate for an end to the cruel and unethical family separation policy immediately. Moreover, sanctuary cities like Philadelphia that seek to protect these immigrant communities from such abuses are under assault by the current administration. In Harrisburg, Nina will support immigration law reform.